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EKO- Friendly
Plastic bags

Aside from traditional foil wrappings we also offer EKO - Friendly bags made of polyethylene (ecological bags, biodegrading bags) - an innovative product, with successes in over 50 countries. The bags contain an addition of d2w - substances accelerating the oxi-biodegradation process of polyethylene. Thanks to it the foil's breakdown period is cut from nearly 400 years to just 60 days

Size, colors, and designe are according to your special requirement..


Custom Printed Bags

Custom printed Plastic Bags





Plastic bags
Die-Cut Handle

Bags with a Die-Cut handle. Bags manufactured from LDPE, MDPE, HDPE foil, with an upper and bottom overlap, side welds, handle cut out of the upper overlap in the shape of a "bean". This plastic bag is our most popular. Biodgeradable diecute merchandise bags are now available.You can specified printed colors, bag color and print size.


Plastic bags: Patch Handle


Plastic BAGS
Soft Loop Handle Bags

Bags with a glued handle are produced of LDPE, MDPE foil, with an upper and bottom overlap, side welds, a glued handle guarantees increased durability among foil bags.



Plastic T-SHIRT bags

Bags, small bags

Our company manufactures various foil goods. We manufacture foil packaging. from small bags to bags for clothing or for use in dry-cleaner's.
Foil bag may be made as:

  • Bags with adhesive tape for closing,
  • Highly transparent PP bags,
  • Clothing bags, with skew arms for hangers,
  • Bags with hangers,
  • Standard foil bags in different dimensions,
  • Flat bags,
  • Zipper bags,
  • Trash bags,
  • Garment covers,
  • Food Service Packaging Products
  • Cellophane Bags
  • Door Hanger Bags

We offer various packaging for food industry, i.e. grocery bags: for bread, frozen food, chips, etc.
Foil bags and small bags manufactured for the food industry can be made of PP, PE, LDPE or HDPE foil, as well as multi-layer foil used for deep freezing and barrier foil. The Company offers a wide range of foil packaging made of materials with different properties and technical parameters.


Printed Packing Tape



Stretch foil for manual packaging is used to protect any kind of loads. Properly selected recipe enables sufficient protection of transported goods without using machines (wrapping machines). Manual stretch foil has both sufficient adhesiveness degree, preventing the cargo from moving on a pallet, as well as appropriate "slide" outside, thus preventing unwelcome joining (sticking) of different loads on a pallet.
Foil manufactured by cast method, namely pouring of three layers, which makes it possible to achieve excellent utility properties of the stretch foil
GROCERY STRETCH FOIL is used for packaging of fresh food. It is characterized by good adhesion of one layer to another.





eko-friendly bags



Our products include company BAGS with individual labels.

Platic bags are made of various types of foils:
LDPE - low density polyethylene foil (non-rustling), most popular foil
HDPE - high density polyethylene foil (rustling and opaque)
MDPE - a mixture of LDPE and HDPE (non-rustling, opaque), transient, produces the effect of "frosted glass".

Any thickness, any size, color, special use and any custom printing you want. We create labels with the use of various methods on our advertising bags depending on the ordered volume. We use various-thickness foils for our bags. Our foil bags are characterized by durability and resistance. The size of the advertising bags is tailor-made for our Customers.


Plastic bags : Die-Cut Handle


Plastic bags
Patch Handle Bags

This plastic carrier bags have an extra reinforcement around the die cut handle. Bags made of LDPE, MDPE foil, with a bottom overlap, side welds, handle cut out in the shape of a "bean" is reinforced from the inside with an additional layer of foil.





Plastic Bags: Soft Loop Handle

Plastic T-SHIRT bags

Plastic T-SHIRT bags manufactured mostly of HDPE foil, there is a possibility of manufacturing of LDPE foil, MDPE foil, with side laps, and T-shirt handle.



Bags, small bags

 zipper bags
 trash bags

Printed Packing Tape

We offer custom printed shipping tape to companies making considerable numbers of shipments. Printed packing tapes are information and advertising carrier, as well as protecting against interference of third persons. Out tapes are intended for manual and automatic packaging.

Our Custom Printed Packaging Tape are characterized by great adhesiveness and strength. Moreover, we offer making of printed design of the company logo, name, address and other comments according to the client's requests on packing tapes. The product advertising, easier execution of shipments cause that popularity of tapes with printed design increases, contributing to company success.



We are manufacturer of plastic bags. And we offer: Promotional plastic carrier bags, ECO - friendly bags, Branded Carrier Bags, Logo Printed foil Bags, Shopping Bags, strech foil, Recycled Carrier Bags, Printed Packing Tape, Snappy Bags, Poly Bags, custom printed bags, die cut handle plastic bags, manufacturer

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Printed plastic bags
Printed plastic bags
Printed plastic bags
Printed plastic bags
Printed plastic bags
Printed plastic bags
Printed plastic bags
Custom Printed Bags
Custom Printed Bags
Custom Printed Bags